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Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) is a tool developed in the framework of the Digital Reality Initiative to foster access to the knowledge base of IEEE, both by individuals and by third party apps.

The tool delivers two main services:

Knowledge-as-a-Service: a web application that enables visual navigation to the IEEE taxonomy plus and quick access to the related resources (papers, conferences, videos, tutorials) - TechNav
Digital Twin: the service allows a user to create their own Digital Twin. This is done by selecting and clustering ontology items available in the data base (the IEEE ontology and possibly other ontologies that could be provided by third parties). The created Digital Twin represents the knowledge space of interest for a specific person/company/organisation and can be used for personalised access to the knowledge base and by third parties applications to support additional services.

* use IEEE credentials

** to get credential for this “developers only” log in contact kaas@ieee.org

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KaaS Digital Twin